Creative Dog Grooming

ShowDogs are very pleased to be the first in the Bay to offer creative grooming! This is now hugely popular in America and the UK.

ShowDogs Groomers are fully trained, very creative and always keeping up with the latest trend in Dog Grooming colouring, stencilling and other areas of creative grooming.

Your imagination is our creation!

We now have a number of clients who come in for regular grooms with colour, from the simple tail splash to the full body stencil. If you are interested in this fabulous part of grooming and would like a bit of colour for your pet please come in and have a chat with our groomers here at ShowDogs. Contact us today!

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I just want to say thank you very much for Zahlas groom on Saturday, when I picked her up she looked stunning!! until we got home and she went and laid in the dirt.....haha. You always do a great job! Thanks!

Rochelle Turner
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