Cat Grooming

ShowDogs now offers cat grooming!

Long haired cats need constant grooming, and this involves brushing frequently. We can brush your cat if it needs a brush but isn't matted.

If your cat is matted, the only thing you can do is have it shaved. Otherwise the knots start to pull and twist on the skin and that will becoming painful for the cat. The price to groom a cat is $60 per 30 minutes, with most grooms taking between 30-45 minutes.

We do cat grooming on a Saturday after all the dogs are groomed and out of the way. Simply call us on 07 575 25 57 to book your cat groom.

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Many many thanks for your continued grooming and special care, of my 18 year old Pomeranian, "Kujo", I'm very thrilled to announce that Kujo showed at Tauranga this last weekend, at the Pomeranian Show, and got "Veteran in Show", thank you Tatiana, and your wonderful staff for taking such good care of all my babies.

Bronwynne Excell
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