Cat Grooming

By nature, cats are extremely fastidious and for the most part they can take care of themselves very well, but sometimes a little help is needed.

Unfortunately, their saliva does not contain any magical enzymes, shampoo, a comb, or nail clipper. So cats often suffer from matted coats, dandruff, grease and oils, litterbox odour, long sharp claws, fleas, hairballs, and shedding hair We want to help your cat and you!

How can grooming help my cat?

  • Reduces hairballs because of reduced shedding
  • Reduce shedding from a real wet bath and hand blow dry
  • No more mats and tangles with regular maintenance
  • Remove pelted, painful matting
  • Clean and remoisturize skin and coat, reducing dandruff and dander
  • Keep him cool and comfortable with a lion trim or plush cut
  • Never again battle him to comb out shed hair or dangerously cut out mats with scissors
  • Keep sharp claws from growing into pads, or cutting into furniture or skin
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Our first trip ever to the groomers with our long haired German Shepherd and I am Soooooooo impressed! Thank you so much, she looks and smells AMAZING!

Danelle Bain
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