Tatiana Fleury (Master Groomer)

Tatiana had been in the pet grooming business long before arriving in New Zealand more than a decade ago, working in her family's dog grooming and dog training business since the age of twelve, adding to her formal dog grooming education more than ten years experience. Tatiana is the founder of ShowDogs.

In addition to her certificate in Pet Grooming from a top grooming school in Brazil, Tatiana has a certificate in Dog Training and is always keeping up with all the latest trends in the pet grooming market.

Tatiana also hold the New Zealand Master Groomer certificate and is a consultant to ShowDogs.

Tatiana Fleury

I just want to say thank you very much for Zahlas groom on Saturday, when I picked her up she looked stunning!! until we got home and she went and laid in the dirt.....haha. You always do a great job! Thanks!

Rochelle Turner
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