Dog Grooming

What is better than a clean & happy dog? We have 5 qualified groomers with over 40 years experience between them and also a Certified Master Dog Groomer . We offer breed specific haircuts or style to your imagination.

Each groom is designed with your pet’s comfort and practicality in mind.

All grooming sessions includes:

  • Hydro bath, nail trim, clean ears with plucking if required, anal glands (upon request) brushing until knot-free.
  • All dogs are cage free during their visit unless cage drying required for a short time only. This encourages fun and interaction with staff and dogs.
  • We use only natural environmentally friendly products and offer a wide range of shampoos for different types of skin and coat …available for purchase in our dog boutique.

Types of Grooming Services

A Full Groom includes: Bathing, drying and brushing, a hygienic clip (around the bottom and genitals). Clipping nails, cleaning ears and a stylish clip (haircut). No extra charge for anal gland expression or plucking the ears.

A tidy up includes: Bathing, drying and brushing and a hygienic clip. Trimming the fur on the face and head, around the paws and clipping the nails and cleaning the ears.

A bath and brush includes: Washing, drying and brushing the dog, trimming nails and cleaning ears. No trimming.

A bath only (no groom) includes: Washing, drying and cleaning the ears. Please note this involves no brushing. From $20

An Extra fee may occur for de-matting dogs, specialised hand scissoring and stripping out undercoats.

Please note a full groom for a small breed takes a minimum of 3 hours.

Find out more about Creative Grooming here! It’s a first in the Bay!