Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Hi everyone, welcome to spring! We are expecting some nice warm weather toarrive soon but as we all know in New Zealand, the rain will still come too! It’s just 12 weeks to Christmas and we have had a very busy winter. Make sure you do your Christmas booking in advance. Also booking for daycare […]

Why double-coated dogs should not be clipped?

A double coat means there is both a top (or over) coat made of tougher guard hairs and a bottom or (under) coat that is thick and soft. Breeds such as Pomeranians, Shetland Sheepdogs, Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, Border Collies, and Retrievers are examples of double coated dogs. With a double-coated dog they need to be […]

August News Letter

AUGUST ISSUE Big News Papamoa Showdogs Auckland competition   PHOTOS OF THE MONTH             BREED OF THE MONTH     The Chihuahua is a saucy little hot tamale and not just because of his association with a certain fast-food Mexican restaurant. He’s renowned for being the world’s smallest dog, but […]

June Newsletter

Hello everyone!      Well it is July already, and the time is going so fast, we are in the middle of winter and soon before we know we will be talking about Christmas . July is normally the coldest month and we all want to keep our furry friends warm with their beautiful long […]

January News

Hi everyone! Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and a relaxing break spent with family and friends (furry ones too). I look forward to seeing you and your pooches back here at Show Dogs for 2016. The dreaded grass seeds… Unfortunately a lot of dogs get grass seeds stuck […]


    Hi everyone!   Things are heating up in the Bay! We have had lots of dogs come visit us to get rid of their winter coats and they’ve been leaving looking awesome. You may be noticing your dog is dropping more fur than usual around the place lately and it can seem never […]


Hi everyone!     This week has been so chilly! Let’s hope the weather stays dry so we can enjoy these beautiful winter days with the family and furry friends.     This winter we have had a lot of people booking their dogs for regular baths. We are so proud of our clients for keeping their […]

Newsletter May

May Hi everyone! A warm hello there to all our clients and furry friends. A winter blast has hit us this week bringing lots of cold weather! This month’s newsletter is full of tips to keep your lovely dogs warm and helpful tips for winter grooming. WINTER GROOMING & DOG CLOTHING We all like to […]

Easter Newsletter

HAPPY EASTER !!! Hi everyone,  We been having so much fun with the Easter photo shoots. The dogs have been blowing us away with their poses! I never thought that they would be so composed for a photo. I think they are just loving all the compliments they are getting for being so well behaved. We […]

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Hi everyone, By now everybody is getting back to their usual weekly routine, kids are back to school and the holidays are over. What a great summer we have had so far. We hope the weather will stay warm for a little longer, we are not quite ready for winter yet!   Boot Camp Christchurch […]