For the Love of Dogs!

People often ask us, what makes a person want to become a dog groomer? There are so many reasons, but the most obvious one would be a love of dogs.

Every animal is unique and has its own personality and history, very similar to people.

A dog groomer is usually born as a dog groomer, having grown up surrounded by dogs and learned as a child to listen to them, trust them, read their behaviour, their looks, and what they want to tell us.

In a way, we are dog trainers, vet nurses, and animal psychologists during the time the dog is in our care and our responsibility. While at ShowDogs, some dogs may have a unique experience. You wonder why? It’s because we are absolutely in favour of dog socialization, cage free.

The dogs walk free among the tables of the groomers at ShowDogs while waiting to be groomed.

This time is an opportunity for the dogs to play with each other, lose their shyness, their fear of the world without their owners (mum and dad) and it provides magical moments for the groomers.

We also use this time to observe them, and learn about their individual personalities before they come to the grooming table. All these keys observations help provide a perfect grooming experience for each dog.

We have fun with the playful ones, who often can’t wait for another friend to come through the door and join in the fun. Sometimes the other friend is older, and hasn’t got as much energy. These are the dogs that prefer to stay on the groomers lap, or share the chair with them.

There’s also the fearful dog who is afraid of the dryer and other loud noises. Extra care is taken with these dogs by the groomers to prevent unnecessary stress.

For the puppy that comes to ShowDogs for a first groom, everything is new so time and consideration of age is allowed for a first pleasant experience.

For the dogs that work on farms, the annual grooming day is like a visit to a resort in Fiji – a fully energizing and unique experience.

So for us at ShowDogs, every day is a different day.

Sometimes it is very relaxing, and other times bring a bit of a challenge, but everyday has its rewards.

But to be a dog groomer, the love of dogs is not enough. You need real passion, respect and understanding of these animals. It’s the animals that amaze us every day, and that makes our work a pleasure. We feel lucky to be a part of it!

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