!cid_35D1DAD0-7C32-41F0-9438-5EB910C1CCCAThe Showdogs story

The dream began in a family pet store in Brazil. Some of Tatiana’s earliest memories are in the family pet shop. As Tatiana got older she began helping her brother washing and then grooming the dogs, and eventually gaining qualifications in pet grooming having been taught by some of the best in the industry.

As time went by Tatiana’s brother Gustavo diversified into dog training and is now heavily involved with training of the Brazilian SAS and Prison Service dogs, as well as running his own very successful dog grooming business with his wife in Florianopolis Brazil. Meanwhile Tatiana thought it was time to see what the rest of the world had to offer.

Having arrived in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Tatiana quickly realised that there were both lifestyle and dog grooming business opportunities. Initially working for other pet stores it wasn’t long before ShowDogs was started with Tatiana converting the laundry and garage at home into what can only be described as very difficult working conditions. These difficulties aside, word got out and a loyal client base began to develop with many of these early customers still supporting Tatiana and ShowDogs.

Two moves later and the current ShowDogs Doggy paradise was opened with a team of seven dog lovers working in the dog grooming business and the doggy daycare.

The realisation that there was a growing demand for a daycare came when a lot of her clients began asking Tatiana to care for their dogs, while they went to work.

With the grooming and daycare, came the doggy boutique where you can find some of the most stylish collars, leads and dog clothes, mostly imported from other countries, as well a selection of dog toys, treats, training aids, grooming tools, name tags, health supplements, natural remedies, health care, cleaning aids and leading brand dog food… all for four legged friends.

Today ShowDogs is the biggest dog grooming facility in the Bay of Plenty with state of the art equipment and trained professional groomers. Even though ShowDogs started with one person, Tatiana, it has grown to much more than this and wouldn’t be where it is today without the dedicated and hard working team of seven dog loving staff members.

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