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Hello everyone! 


  Well it is July already, and the time is going so fast, we are in the middle of winter and soon before we know we will be talking about Christmas .

July is normally the coldest month and we all want to keep our furry friends warm with their beautiful long coat, and that is why grooming your dog over winter is very important so you can keep the fur knots free.

With no grooming, their coats will matt, causing discomfort and skin problems. To keep you’re dog happy this winter Showdogs is offering this month for our Newsletter Readers.




A tidy up includes: Bathing, drying and brushing and a hygienic clip. Trimming the fur on the face and head, around the paws and clipping the nails and cleaning the ears.


****Please note this is a special for the newsletter readers ,so remember to mention it when you book your dog .***



Master Dog Grooming Exam.


Showdogs is very proud to announce that we have a Master Dog Groomer, Tatiana and Bruna headed down to Wellington to sit their grooming exams. They did extremely well. Tatiana is now a Certified Master dog groomer- the only one in the Bay of Plenty. Bruna is working her way towards achieving this also and only has two other exams to sit. Bruna scored the highest out of all the groomers in her practical exam. Big thank you to Annie the poodle and Casper the bichon who went down for the weekend with them to be models. They both were amazing. Well-done guys!


Bruna’s Dog-Annie
Tatiana’s dog-Casper

Chilling at the Hotel







We are lucky enough to have a very talented photographer working here, Bruna. She will be running photo sessions with the Day Care dogs and giving owners the option of purchasing copies. Look out for these in the next couple of weeks.

Papamoa Winter Hours

From the 1st of June ShowDogs Papamoa will be operating by appointment only.


For bookings call 0800 DOGS NZ (364769) and press option ‘2’ to be directed to the Papamoa line.


To book your dog go to

www.showdogsnz.com or

call 0800DOGSNZ (0800364769)


Mount Maunganui                 Papamoa(BoxPark)


Yours sincerely,

Tatiana Manion and Showdogs Team






We want to know how we are doing and how we can improve your experience here at Showdogs. If you wish to send us some feedback, please email us on info@showdogsnz.com or give us a review on Facebook. Thanks!




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 Grooming exams Photo sessions



Created to be a practical working terrier, the Lakeland hails from England’s beautiful but rugged and mountainous Lake District, where his job was to hunt and kill the foxes that plagued farmers. He’s small, square, and sturdy, with a deep, relatively narrow body that allows him to squeeze into rocky dens after his prey.

Lakies, as these lively, feisty little dogs are nicknamed, are affectionate, friendly, and self-confident. They’re characterized by a rectangular head, an intense and sometimes impish expression, v-shaped ears that fold over, and a docked tail carried up. They have a double coat: a thick, hard topcoat to protect them from thorns and a dense undercoat to keep them warm in the hail, sleet, snow, and rain of their home region. Grooming is moderately time-consuming. They need to be brushed two or three times a week and “stripped” periodically to keep their coats in proper condition.

The Lakeland is cheerful and energetic, but like any self-respecting terrier, he can be willful and determined. Nonetheless, his people are enchanted by his charm, intelligence, and sense of humor. Lakies have a lot of courage and confidence. They generally get along well with children and other dogs, but are reserved with strangers.

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