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    This week has been so chilly! Let’s hope the weather stays dry so we can enjoy these beautiful winter days with the family and furry friends.
    This winter we have had a lot of people booking their dogs for regular baths. We are so proud of our clients for keeping their furry babies knot free, warm and comfortable! Well done. Like us on Facebook to keep up with the bath specials.
        Winter Grooms 
    As the frosts and fogs of winter start to set in, we all like to rug up and do our best to keep our pooches snug too. There are many misconceptions about dog grooming in winter. Grooming in winter is very important to your dog’s health. Long, damp, matted hair easily makes a cold and wet dog. Matted fur does nothing to insulate the dog. It causes discomfort, pain and hot spots. It is better to keep your dog regularly groomed than to allow their coats to become matted which can harbor moisture and bacteria. 
Double coated/heavy coated breeds
    A lot of you might be noticing more fur around the house, in your car or on your clothes! Your dog’s coat is shedding again. I mentioned in the Spring newsletter about them changing their coats for a lighter and shorter coat, this cycle is reversed over winter. The dogs shed their summer coat for a heavier and protective coat to help keep them warm.
If your dog has a shedding coat, the shedded hair will remain interwoven in the healthy coat, not allowing proper skin insulation. This often causes dandruff, itching, excessive shedding, matting and hot spots.  
    So for the month of JUNE only Showdogs is offering 10% off to remove the dead under coat for the double coated breeds- (Border Collies, Pomeranians, Huskies, Samoyeds etc). 
Give us a call or book online at http://www.ezybook.co.nz/pages/showdogs
    Choosing the right brush for your dog 
Bristle Brushes 
    Are used on short, straight-haired coats. Have soft and gentle bristles that won’t damage the coat on smooth and shiny coats.
Pin brushes 
    Are used on double, long and full coats ,it is gentler than slicker brushes. Can be used more frequently and will help preventing split ends.
Slicker brush 
    Are the most common, and effective in removing thick undercoat and breaking up mats. Should be used on medium to fine coats. There is different sizes and types . ( you can ask one of Showdogs team which would suits you dog coat better ).
    Combs are required to check knots and used in conjunction with brushes for  all medium to long coats.. Start with wider-tooth combs for thicker coats and thinner-tooth combs for thin coats.
Shedding Tools
          FUrminator                                 Rakes
    Can be  used on short , long and wiry coats to remove dead and excess hair. The design of the edge allows the tool to push through the topcoat to easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the dog’s delicate skin.
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Tatiana Manion and Showdogs Team

Showdogs now accepts volunteers. If you know of anybody interested in doing a few hours a week volunteering just phone up, we accept volunteers from 16 years old so just call and ask for Tatiana. Please note duties include dog handling, walking and cleaning.
We want to know how we are doing and how we can improve your experience here at Showdogs. If you wish to send us some feedback, please email us on info@showdogsnz.com
Recent News
 Double coated/Heavy coated Breeds 
  Choosing the right brush for your dog
German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is a breed of large-sized working dogs that originated in Germany. The breed’s officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog in the English language,  and was also formerly known as the Alsatian. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with their origin dating to 1899. As part of the Herding Group, German Shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep. Since that time, however, because of their strength, intelligence, trainability and obedience, German Shepherds around the world are often the preferred breed for many types of work, including assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and even acting. The German Shepherd is the second-most popular breed of dog in the United States and fourth-most popular in the United Kingdom.
Interesting Facts
No night vision goggles needed! Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.
Source: Healthy Pet
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Monthy specials
10% discount-just mention the newsletter when you pay at reception 
Free dog taxi from Papamoa to Showdogs and free daycare with a groom! Only on Friday
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